I started building websites as a hobby and this is my sixth. You can take a look at 3 of my previous homepages here, here and here. And for those who like really old stuff, i still have my very first homepage! I made it the “old-skool”-way, with good ol’ Notepad in Windows for Workgroups! Yes, those were the days of NCSA Mosaic and later Netscape Navigator… You can take a look at it here.

Most of the stuff you will find here is computer related, as this is one of my favourite subjects. For those of you who like to play with video i created the MPEG page, with all MPEG/AVI related stuff, although the page is getting old and needs updating. I will do that one day. Here you will find subjects like VCD/DVD, DIVX, etc.

I like to design scenery and landscapes with Bryce, a landscape rendering tool. I dedicated a page to this subject, where you can view and download some of my art.

I also love to hang around and build houses and stuff every now and then in AlphaWorld, so i decided to dedicate a page to this subject. Later, i preferred Adobe Atmosphere. Too bad Atmosphere didn’t last long (Adobe killed it), so i went back to AlphaWorld. You can read more about this subject and my choice on my “3D Worlds” page.

Speaking about 3D worlds, i also love to play first-person shooters. I run a dedicated CounterStrike:Source server, a private World of Warcraft-server (although you can’t really call WoW a shooter, but what the heck) and a couple more more servers. Check the Games-page for more!

If you’re interested in the person behind this website, then please have a look at my “about me” page, where you can read about me, my hobbies, who i am and what i do.

Then there’s the “the early days”-page. Here i wrote my story about how it al began and what computers i owned (and got rid of..). It’s completely in dutch, but for those of you who can read it: enjoy!


Visit EMUCoach! They have one of the best WoW private server emulator releases in the world. I run WoW Cataclysm for some time now. And it’s GOOD!

If you like MMORPG-emulation and private servers, then also have a look at RageZone! They have loads of server-releases and the devs over there work on really dozens of different game-emulators! I run their AION-gameserver for years now and for more then 10 years i ran their WoW Burning Crusade private server, before i recently upgraded to EmuCoach’s WoW Cataclysm-server.

R.I.P. BlueFM

BlueFM   used to be an independent internet radiostation, run by a couple of young enthousiast korean people living in seoul, but it was too expensive to last. The stream was then hosted for free by ORS Radio, a Shoutcast-powered, free service for everyone. This way they could keep broadcasting from seoul, but lost their website. The station played instrumental easy listening music 24/7/365 in very good quality. Unfortunately, ORSRadio has gone out of business, so BlueFM no longer exists, along with all thousands of other streams. Luckily, there’s more than enough music on the internet nowadays, so there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s a good one,called AbsoluteChillout. Like BlueFM, this station plays relaxing intrumentals 24/7.

Click the image for the website.

If you also hate the way MIDI-files sound in Windows, then check this out!
CoolSoft’s VirtualMidiSynth is capable of playing those files while using any soundfont you like!

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