Here are some screenshots of my home in Alphaworld.

Unfortunately, some years ago the ActiveWorlds company decided not only to raise the contribution fee you have to pay, but also decided to close AW down for the public. You can now only enter when you pay a monthly fee. I then decided to quit with AW, because they raised their fee by a factor 12! (you had to pay the yearly fee now every month) I’m not the only one that stopped using AW, so it’s getting real quiet in there. Later, they noticed their mistake and the fees were cut in half, but still it’s too high to my taste.

In case you want to try AW for free anyway, you can try AWTeen. This world is still accessible for free and you may also build whatever you like. I started building here again recently, for free, and found no restrictions whatsoever thus far.

Today, Active Worlds has been renamed to Historic Active Worlds. Development has come to an almost complete halt and there are almost no visitors anymore. Alphaworld has become a museum. Come to think of it, at the time of this writing, it’s 2013. I started building in Alphaworld on sept 29, 1996 (you can see the date of each building block you use in AW). This means that I built my first house in Alphaworld a whopping 17 years ago!

Update august 1st 2013: today, i found out that entrance and building are both free again in AW since last month. Recently, the CEO of AW decided to do this. Apparently, he became aware of the declining numbers of visitors of AW and this probably is a last attempt to attract some attention to his museum 😉 Well, we’ll see how long this will last.

One day, to get rid of greedy providers, i decided to host a similar environment myself for a while, with:

The browser, look and feel were quite similar to that of AW. You could enter, talk to other people, play around with stuff and walk and look around in the world that i’m building in, see the links to it below. Of course you needed a browser for this, just like in AW. 

Unfortunatly, Adobe decided not to continue with Atmosphere, so the product has been discarded. I’m back to AW, although i’m not building anymore. Below you can see the screenshots of the Atmosphere lookalike i created.. 🙂

To enter with the Atmosphere plugin, just click on the http link below.
Or, to enter in the standalone program, copy and paste (or type) the second line into the address section and press enter.

(Click this thumbnail for a large image.)

Here are some Adobe Atmosphere screenshots:

First, this is what the Atmosphere Standalone Browser looks like:

Click for a large image.

Click for a large image.

The pictures of My place in AW:

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