MPEG, and then especially MKV (HDTV) is one of my favourites, since i built my mediacenter with all-eating DVD player.
I had a look around on the internet and i found a bunch of usefull tools and manuals to make your own DVD’s.
So here they are, in no particular order:

FlaskMPEG – The best! –
Tsunami MPEG coder – Slower, but able to convert screensizes –
Xing MPEG – Faster than Tsunami, but unable to convert –
Very good! VideoCD helper – The best manual there is! –


There’s also much talk going on about DIVX or MPEG4. It’s very good in compressing DVD’s and converting them to some sort of mini-DVD’s on recordable CD, besides being playable on your PC, they can also play on your home DVD player, if it supports DIVX. For those who are interested, here’s a few links to the stuff:

Good luck!