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The Jura Impressa E60

I’m the proud owner of a Jura Impressa E60. On this page i will give some tips for other Jura owners, to save you money and ease troubleshooting if there’s something wrong.

The Jura Impressa E60 is a great machine, which makes one hell of a cup of coffee 🙂

It’s main features:

  • Symbol dialog system
  • I.P.B.A.S.© (Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System)
  • Enhanced front panel surface
  • 3 different coffee strengths for 1 cup and a 4th for 2 cups
  • Rotary knob to adjust the water volume
  • Steam nozzle for creaming milk or for hot water for Tea
  • Height adjustable outlet

If you, like me, are the owner of one of these machines, you may, over time, run into some problems regarding maintenance. I’ll discuss the most important ones here:

1: This first tip occurs quite often: when making coffee, the coffee comes out very slowly and drips, instead of flows, into the cup. After a few seconds, the top row of the LED’s start blinking and the machine stops.

The solution: clean the filter with a piece of kitchen-paper, switch the selector to the steam-nozzle, press the rinse-button and let the machine do it’s cleaning-cycle. Then switch the selector back to normal. Now, to prevent this problem in the future, open the coffee-lid and turn the grinder-knob to a more course setting (you can only turn the knob when the grinder is working), say 2 or 3 dots from the largest one. This problem occurs because the grinder is set too fine and the small coffeebean-parts obstruct the filter. So, a less fine setting will do the trick.

2: I was looking for a replacement for the overpriced cleaning tablets, when i found that ordinary dishwasher soap is made from the same ingredients, in the same amounts. So, instead of the tablets, i use a spoonfull (normal spoon) of normal dishwasher-soap to clean my Jura, and it works perfectly! The trick is, that you have to use a soap that doesn’t produce foam. Dishwasher-soap, and also the Jura tablets, are such a soap. I’m cleaning my Jura with dishwasher-soap for about 10 years now, without any trouble. If you only have tablets at home, use one third of a tablet.

3: After a few years and thousands of cups of coffee, the rubber O-ring around the filter broke. My do-it-yourself solution for right-handed people, who aren’t afraid of opening the machine and taking it apart, is this: If you still have the old broken ring, then do the following: If you try the broken ring onto the filter unit, you’ll find that it is now too big, it’s elasticity has gone. So, cut a little piece off, until it fits tightly around the filter, without an opening. Next, put a layer or two, three of PTFE-tape (teflon gasfitter-tape) over it, real tight, so the broken O-ring underneath it is covered completely. Wipe the applied tape firmly, so it fits nicely around the filter unit. No glue neccesary. Now put everything back together and try the unit. You will find that it works perfectly again. You can also order new rings of course at the Jura service centre. They are real cheap, around 2 dollars each. Update: last 2 times i needed a new ring, i got several rings each time, for FREE! It appears that Jura is now offering the rings for free as an extra service.

4: The older Jura models (mine too) have coffee disposal bins made of a certain type of plastic that allows mould to grow. In later models, the Jura firm replaced this plastic with a type that does not have this problem. If you have this mould problem you can do the following: Put a sheet of kitchen wrapper plastic, the kind you use to wrap around your sandwiches, inside the disposal bin. Put it nicely around the edges and put the bin back into the machine. When the bin is full, empty it, including the plastic sheet and put a new one inside the bin. You will find that the mould will not grow on the plastic anymore.