As you perhaps know, i love to play 3D games. I run my own dedicated CS:GO-server, Private Aion-server and a Private WoW-server. The servers are all private and not open for public use.


CounterStrike: Source

Here’s an in-game screenshot of CS:GO:

Map Dust in Counterstrike: Source

I fully automated the maintenance of the CS:GO-server with a few monitoring and maintenance scripts i wrote myself. These scripts clean the serverlogs and send me an SMS when the server is restarted after a crash.

For administration i use Basic Admin Tool. This great tool lets me change maps, kick users, punish teamkillers and so on.

To keep track of the performance i use PsychoStats. This is a Perl & PHP-based ranking-system. With PsychoStats every member can see for him/herself how well he/she plays and what your position in the ranks is. The system is very elaborate and shows you in which map you perform best, your kill/death ratio and even with which weapon you perform best in the game, among others.



For the kids i used to run a private Minecraft-server, where they can mine, chat and build. The kids have grown older and play Overwatch and CS:GO.
Minecraft is for kids they say now 🙂

Minecraft screenshot




I also run a private Aion-server. In short, Aion is a Japanese WoW-wannabe, but with enhanced graphics. Because of the fact that Aion is a lot newer than WoW, it has much better graphics. The gameplay is almost identical to WoW. Here’s an actual in-game screenshot of Aion:

actual in-game screenshot of Aion


World of Warcraft

Besides Aion, i also run a WoW private server. This server is used by myself, our kids and their friends. It’s a Cataclysm server. A little old, i know, but this version has the most complete and bug-free quest database available. I got it from Here’s an in-game screenshot:

The little village Goldshire in W.o.W.



Last updated: 11-1-2018