About me


Welcome to my personal page. I’m Richard. In 1998 i started working as a
consultant / IT-specialist for a wonderful company, called
Astin Workstations,
but in 2002 i switched to the company that hired me for the last 5 years, Achmea.
A few years later, Achmea outsourced their IT to Ordina BPO. In 2009,  i left Ordina
BPO and started working at Enerflex,  but in 2011 i left and started at Argeweb, but
then Carla became ill (you can read more about this on her website (dutch)) and i was
at home a lot to support her. When Carla got better, i got a new job at Das, that’s
where i work now. In 2000 i received my MCSE-status. My 2 biggest hobby’s are
computers and electronics.

I’m happily married to a wonderful wife, Carla. Together we have 2 kids. Carla worked as a nurse in the neighbourhood, but when the children came, she became a fulltime housewife. She has her own website (in dutch). Together we built a couple of houses with a swimming pool, tennis court, shop, garden and car in the virtual 3D world Alphaworld.
Inside this 3D-world you are a walking, moving, talking personality, that, just like in the real world, has interactions with his/her surroundings.

You can, just like we did, build your own house, or, if you like, build entire streets or villages. To participate in Alphaworld you need, besides a creditcard and lots of free time, a special browser, that you find here (approx. 2 MB). On my Alphaworld-page you can read more about this subject and view some screenshots of our house.